Saturday, January 14, 2012


I watched this documentary recently of John Piper speaking about moving from the racism he grew up in and journeying toward the eventual adoption of his youngest child, Talitha, who is African American.  It is a beautiful story and the video is very well done.  It is about 19 minutes long and not "normal" Piper:)  I appreciate Piper but honestly can't always keep up with him....but this video touched my heart and spirit.  I also found it interesting that he grew up in Greenville, SC.  I hope you'll take some time to watch.


Wish I had great news but honestly this week I am feeling quite discouraged.  Our dossier was turned in and our agency has asked us to redo almost half of it.  Much of our paperwork was completed in Jan/Feb/March/April of last year.  We did lots of it while we were doing our home study paperwork so we could be ready to mail it in as soon as we received our USCIS approval.  When Mark's job changed in June before we received that coveted USCIS approval,  everything paused.  Then once he was rehired in Sept. we had to amend our home study before we could submit our dossier.  And now we are in 2012 and that means much of the paperwork in our dossier is almost a year old.  Apparently in Uganda when it comes to this kind of paperwork it isn't wise to have it that old.

So we are reordering birth certificates.  Did you know a birth certificate in SC costs $12 each and birth certificates from Michigan cost $50 each and birth certificates from Colorado cost $30? Each person in the household has to have 2 new birth certificates.  Although we have 6 marriage certificates issued February of 2010, we have to get 2 newer ones:) Thankfully we have the money because of all our wonderful fundraisers but just hate spending it on redoing paperwork!

Do I sound frustrated?  Yeah I am.  I realize I shouldn't be and it is just part of this process.  I am just ready to feel like we are making progress!  Okay enough whining:)  I am THANKFUL!  For what I am learning in the wait...for the way this pressure is prayerfully causing some refining and in the end some beautiful character.

I am thankful that in the delays and waiting God is surely working and although His ways are indeed not my ways...they are so much better!  Do I feel thankful?  No, at the moment I FEEL like I want to throw a hissy fit and stomp my foot and pout and whine to Jesus about why in the world I have to REDO all this blasted paperwork that I FINALLY  just finished!!  And why I have to spend all this money again and why does it all have to take SO stinking long!!!

Big cleansing breath....the Lord sees and knows...His timing is amazingly perfect...He has our best interests in mind....and I can always trust His heart...He knows where our littles are and when they will need us...He is preparing the way before us and none of this journey is wasted...none of the pain, none of the frustration, none of the growth opportunities, none of the new relationships made, none of the angst.  Gotta keep my eyes on that!  Thanks for journeying with us:)  In the is going to be blow-our-minds amazing!  I just deep-in-my gut KNOW it!