Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Been awhile...

We are so sorry that it has been so long since we last posted. We actually made a video post but have had difficulty getting it to publish and still haven't figured out the glitch. We also received word about 3 weeks ago that Mark's company was going to do lay offs and his job was in jeopardy. SO....we have been waiting and praying. We didn't want to push too far ahead because we can't adopt without an income:) Praise the Lord Mark's job was spared and so we are excited to send in our initial application in January! We are definitely pursuing adoption from Uganda through Night Light adoption agency. We are hoping to adopt a little girl, but are open to a sibling group as well.

We had a very successful yard sale and made enough money to pay for the application fee. It was hard work but even with no real advertising and only 2 weeks word of mouth we had 11 families donate items to sell. It was a great experience. We had some neat families come to the yard sale that had adopted children themselves and some were even adoptees! One family even came and simply made a donation to help with the adoption.

We have also been blown away with the ways that the Lord continues to confirm that His hand is in this process and He will provide all that we need on this journey. Three different people have committed to financially help us with the adoption. We are amazed and humbled at people's generosity and obedience to the Lord's leading.

There are still days where this seems surreal and we question if God really believes we can do this. Those are the days and the moments where He steps in with a Scripture, a blog, a song or a phone call that gently reminds us that He is in control, not us. He is so good about those quietly reassuring us when we become fearful.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you for walking this road with us.

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  1. Hi! We are one of the families already in the Uganda process with Nightlight and I went to the babies home in October! I am so excited to find another SC family doing Uganda, let me know if you have any questions or if you want to chat! :)
    Carla G.