Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uganda beads...second chances...

 **I am reposting part of my last blog because we just received a new shipment of Uganda bead necklaces and they are beautiful!!  We sold out of our last shipment in about 2 weeks so they are all the rage:)  Just wanted to share the news because I truly love these beautiful necklaces!!***

Now our newest bit of news, which I am super excited about!  We are also selling Uganda necklaces as a fundraiser!  We purchase them from a wonderful organization, 147 Million Orphans.  It is run by two moms with 13 children between them, 7 of which are adopted.  These women sell items that promote adoption but also help families fundraise for their own adoptions.  These necklaces come with a neat little bio with info on it.
"147 is honored to share the story of our sisters in Uganda who hand make these necklaces from recycled paper.  They roll the beads by hand, dip them in varnish, and thread them onto the string.  Prior to learning how to make these beads, most of the women 'picked trash' or turned to prostitution to provide for their children.  By purchasing the necklace, you help a mother make a sustainable income to provide for her family.  This purchase also helps feed a child in Uganda."

BAM!! So how awesome is that!?! I love these necklaces. They have a clasp so you can use them as bracelets, belts, or necklaces.  Each one is unique in color and patterns.  They are so fun:) We are selling them for $25.  We make $10 and $15 goes back to the women in Uganda:)  They will make great birthday gifts, teacher gifts, Easter basket surprises, Mother's Day gifts, graduation gifts, bridesmaids get the idea!!  So you can leave me a message on the blog, Facebook me or email me if you are interested in buying one or some!!
(Yes the price did go up by $5 because the price through Uganda went up!  Sorry!)
The boys wanted to model:)
I really get overwhelmed as I sort through and look at these necklaces.  To think of the women that made them and the poverty, war and pain they have gone through...and now they find hope.  You can also check out more of their story at  An amazing 21 year old gal, Katie Davis, works with these women on the Uganda side.  Each necklace is so unique from the colors to the patterns, to the size and length....kinda like each story behind each woman that made them, each child adopted and each person that buys one.  And I love the way God can take trash (recycled magazines) and make something so beautiful from them that can result in bringing Jesus glory and fulfilling the command in James 1:27 to care for widows and orphans!!  We serve a God that loves to use trash and recycled things and make them beautiful and useful!  Our God of second chances!! It truly amazes me!!
So there you have it! Things are progressing...even though at times it feels like it is slowly:)  Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!  We are so, so blessed and so thankful for what the Lord is doing IN us along the way!  More on that, next time!


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  2. I love my necklace!! I get so many compliments and I love to share the story behind them and your story ;) Love you guys!