Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fingerprint time and more!!

Whoo hoo!!  They finally came!! The past week we spent traveling and visiting friends around the state, but as I was pulling out of the driveway I decided to check the mail box one last time ....and our fingerpring appts were there!!!

Unfortunately they are for a date where a few of us will be out of town, so after many phone calls,...we are all (8 of us) heading down to Charleston this Friday to prayerfully walk in for our biometric appointments.  We have to be in Charleston Saturday for a baby shower for my sister Maura so some dear friends are going to let all of us spend the night on Friday.  We are going to hit the road SUPER early, Friday, and hope they will take all 5 of us sometime during the day.  So, if you would, please pray that we can be seen earlier than later, all on Friday!!  This would be the next big step toward completing all of our paperwork.  Pretty exciting:)

For more information on how our family is faring during this season...check out Erika's blog!

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