Friday, January 25, 2013

Running over....

Wednesday morning was when I posted that we really wanted to be considered for a birth mother that is due soon....but we definitely needed $10,000 to be considered.  I honestly was at the bottom of my rope.  I was so discouraged....and knew God COULD do it....but totally expected a no.  I was definitely fighting some heavy spiritual attack and couldn't shake this feeling of hopelessness.  So I wrote the blog post.  I was discouraged to be "asking" again.  I was trying to figure it out in my own strength again.  I wanted to figure out what I could sell or how I could earn this money fast enough.  One friend simply reminded me that sometimes we just need to open our mouths and ask.  Folks will say no or yes, but leave it up to them and the Holy Spirit.  So I did...and I reached out to some friends asking for some strong prayers for my heart and spirit. 

Wednesday night we had our small group and we started a series on God's promises.  Umm...yeah...He has impeccable timing.  I won't share all three pages of my notes, but He reminded me that He is about His business.  I can walk by faith while I wait for Him to work because His promises are exceedingly great.  And when it comes down to it I experience His promises through Jesus every day....through Him.  He is enough to sustain me until I see, someday, what I am hoping for.

So after an exhausting day of hoping, but grieving because I expected Him to say no.  I had worked myself up all day to accepting a no answer, not very graciously.  I had no idea that during the two hours we met, several people had called and emailed leaving messages saying they were sending....$6,800.  Oh my goodness!!! By noon on Thursday people had pledged by Feb. 1st to make sure we had in our hands over $7,500!! A-MA-ZING!!

We needed $7,000 to meet our agency fees so they could feel comfortable showing our portfolio to the birth mother this weekend. We were so thankful to be able to email our agency director Thursday morning and say that we are on board!! Hopefully unless the snow changes the plan, they will show our portfolio, along with several other families to the birth mother.  So please pray that the Lord will close the door if this is not the little one for our family or help us find favor in the birth momma's eyes if this is our little Chapman.  There are some amazing, incredible families that are waiting to be matched.

We are still continuing to raise funds because we need to pay for lawyer fees and traveling expenses; as well as other random expenses like FBI fingerprinting, having our homestudy changed to a domestic study and fixing some things at the house that need to be done since our household has changed a bit for homestudy purposes. We will have to travel out of state for at least a week when/if we go to get the baby.  This will require at least one trip, maybe two.  And there may be medical bills we need to cover for the birth mom.  Lots of uncertainties that may require funding.

The Lord is taking care of that too.  Friends have already started planning fundraisers, including a 31 party and a hair-cut-a-thon!  We have also had two people pledge different amounts for the future, as well as people send messages from other states letting us know that they are sending donations.  Once again we are overwhelmed and amazed at people's generosity and willingness to invest in our family.  What it really comes down to though is people's obedience and willingness to sacrifice to obey James 1:27.  And our prayer is first of all that all of this will bring Jesus great, big glory!! We also are praying this verse for each person that has given and reached out to let us know they are praying:
"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  Luke 6:38

We are praying the Lord pours out His blessings on you!  Thank you for your sacrifice and your obedience in blessing us!! We are so undeserving and so, so thankful!! We may not get picked this time.  However this will make us ready for whenever we are chosen.  It could be next month...I believe there is at least one, maybe two other mothers that would be due this year that might possibly choose us.  And who knows, we are still #1 on the Uganda waiting list!!

Regardless we want to give praise to the God who provides.  As Philippians 4:19 says, " And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus."  He knows what I need best.  So we may need to wait longer:) but I'm so astounded at the number of loud "yeses" we have heard over the past three days!

Thank you friends and family!! We love you so much! We will update again once we know more, I promise!  And if I haven't responded to your email/text/fb message/phone call, please forgive me!  I will soon!  I am so blessed to have received many, many, many messages from y'all letting me know you are praying, or asking how to help, or encouraging me.  I will respond I just am also finishing more adoption paperwork, doing some Norwex parties, feebly attempting to homeschool, trying to keep up with my wonderful CBS ladies and keeping the household afloat:)  Someday I will get caught up and respond in a timely manner....maybe...

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