Friday, February 1, 2013

Ginormous News!!

Hopefully this post will make a lick of sense.  I am a bit sleep deprived from fighting a cold and trying to line things up because...

WE HAVE BEEN MATCHED!!  With a birth mom from another state. She is having a baby girl:)

What does this mean?  We had a super conversation with a sweet young lady that is the birth mother.  I will have to post a longer post later about that sweet interaction.  Such a precious conversation.  We didn't hear from the agency until the next afternoon to tell us whether or not she still wanted to choose us.  I may or may not have completely freaked out and been very snappy with my husband and refused to take any phone calls all day because I completely did not handle the stress well.  I may NOT have, but probably did:)

We overnighted our agency fees...that day...because our amazing friends and family surrounded us and graciously and sacrificially gave so we could simply send those funds, exactly on time!

So now....we have an appt on Monday to retain a lawyer....we wait and continue to pray for the birth mother.....and...

We have an awesome yard sale and bake sale exactly 5 hours and 49 minutes....we watch in wonder as friends love and serve us with a Hair-cut-a-thon tomorrow, a 31 adoption fundraiser, my brother and his wife come and do some repairs to our house that need to get done, we plan and hope!!  We are hoping to raise the remainder of our need for lawyer fees, travel and some miscellaneous needs that have come up changing our homestudy.  We hope to raise another $3200, and we believe He will do that over the next 10 days!

She is due in ten days.  Wow!  Nothing is guaranteed.  So please pray for the precious birth mom that is making the most courageous and possibly difficult decision she has ever made.  Pray for a safe and peace filled delivery.  Pray that we can get everything scheduled and figured out over the next ten days or so.  One of us has to stay out of state for about seven to ten days.  Hopefully at some point during that time period all of us will travel to see the baby.

We still have lots of questions ourselves and lots to figure out.  I have spent the last 29 months researching international adoption and have only had about six weeks to learn about domestic adoption:)  So there is SO much I don't know.

What I DO know though, is that if this is what the LORD wants, then it will work out and the doors will continue to open.  I DO know that we are amazingly blessed by wonderful family and friends.  And I DO know that our God is good, great, sufficient, Sovereign, sees me and knows what is best for me. Therefore I trust Him!

We are celebrating and anticipating great things this weekend:)  Thank you for celebrating with us!!


  1. So excited for your family! Wonderful news!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. I am thrilled to no end for you! Praying for everyone involved!